The Promoting Education, the Arts, our Roots, Leadership and Service (PEARLS) mentorship program is proud to serve the DC community.   The program was initially established in 2000 in a NYC public school.  Building on this success, PEARLS Program - DC has partnered with the Oyster-Adams Bilingual School in Northwest DC to provide mentorship and targeted developmental and culturally enriching  programming to middle school girls.


PEARLS is a non for profit program that is sponsored by Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. Mentoring has the ability to touch the lives of individuals by providing support from an individual that may have had similar experiences and can help the young person navigate social, educational, or personal growth challenges.

Our program will soon launch our 4th year and we look forward to meeting our 2020-2021 class of PEARLS and their families, new volunteers who will serve as mentors, and developing new and lasting memories.  PEARLS Program DC provides a series of interactive workshops on Saturday mornings during the academic year. These workshops have been hosted at the George Washington  University campus in DC.  


For the 2020-2021 academic year, the PEARLS mentorship program will be entirely virtual in support of the safety of our program participants.  

Visit our program schedule page to learn more about our upcoming activities.  Interested in supporting the PEARLS program in DC?  Visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can support our young girls become tomorrow's fierce leaders.  


Inspired by culture.  Empowered by education.


The mission of the PEARLS Mentorship program is to empower and unite young women 9-13 to cultivate leadership development and academic excellence through mentorship, cultural awareness, workshops and civic engagement.


The vision of the PEARLS Mentorship program is to empower young women ages 9-13 to achieve academic excellence, cultural awareness, and leadership skills.


The PEARLS Mentorship program aims to promote academic excellence, cultural enrichment, leadership, sisterhood, and service to the community.

Our Impact

Over 80 hours in educational and developmental programming  over three years.  Our mentees have participated in a wide range of interactive and hands on workshops specifically tailored to build self confidence, promote expression through art, empower personal goals and leadership,  foster team building, celebrating culture, and exploring topics of relevance to today's girls.  Our mentees report feeling more confident after participating in the program and being better able to communicate on our program discussion topics.

Direct one-on-one engagement to provide tailored mentorship.  Mentors establish, build and maintain positive relationships with their mentees (PEARLS)  through one-on-one direct engagement.  Mentors work with their mentees to address specific needs or challen, provide target support, and support individual goals.   Mentees are thoughtfully matched with a mentor that may share a similar culture or background, have a similar career or educational goal, or have other shared experiences. 

Fostering a sense of team within the program.  While the PEARLS all attend the same middle school, the program provides an opportunity outside of the school environment for girls from different grades from across the school to meet, create bonds through shared experiences, and develop as a team during the program workshops throughout the academic year.  

Providing service to the community.  During the program year, the PEARLS discuss the importance in community service and are able to participate in planned service events.  In prior years, the PEARLS have participated in community service including creating care packages with personalized notes for at risk youth, and supporting a winter clothes drive for organizations supporting individuals that are homeless.   The PEARLS have reported that these service projects rank among their favorite activities during the program increasing their ability to support the surrounding community.

Celebrating diversity and promoting cultural enrichment.   Our program participants represent a broad array of cultural diversity.  Our work program aims to celebrate and collectively learn, respect, and grow from the wide range of experiences.  Our mentors are predominately women of color that enrich the program by sharing their own challenges and successes in their educational, professional, and personal journeys.